Searching for Agents/ Distributors
for Kumahira Products


We, Kumahira Co., Ltd., are well known for a manufacturer of security products such as safes and vault doors, and also have the largest market share of security gate and full-automatic safe deposit box system in Japan.
We are looking for non-exclusive distributors/ sales agents newly to sell our products outside of Japan especially in United States of America, Republic of South Africa and Republic of the Philippines.
Also, we are searching companies who are capable of sale, installation and after-sales service for our high quality Security Gate or Full Automatic Safe Deposit Box. We believe that our security gate meets the demand in Australia and New Zealand. We are looking forward to sharing our design and usability with your countries very much.
Furthermore, liquid scanner which is going to be released to public in 2016, is expected to be found at airports all over the world. Further key points are as below.

* Key Points

  • - Export Security Gate to USA, South Africa, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand
  • - Export Full-automatic Safe Deposit Box to USA, South Africa and Philippines
  • - Export Liquid Scanner to all the countries of the world except South Korea
  • - Our Australian distributor has sold our security products for a long time except Security Gate
  • - Price reference: Negotiable but after distribution agreement
  • - Payment terms: 100 % advance payment by T/T or irrevocable L/C

* Interested in agents/companies who have:

  • - Knowledge and/or work experience in the Security Gate or Electric Products
  • - Import experience a plus
  • - Channel of market for bank which may have a lot of chances of Full-automatic Deposit Box

* Partner's tasks/duties

  • - Represent, promote and sell our Security Gate or Electric Products
  • - More details to be discussed later

* Image of our products

  • - Find at our web site
  • - Details to be discussed later

* Terms and conditions

  • - Details to be discussed later

* Our support systems

  • - Continual support with sales and marketing for mutual profitability
  • - Details to be discussed later
Please contact us for more details:
Or our distributors list as below:
July 1st, 2016
International Sect.
Kumahira Co., Ltd.