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About the Handling of Personal Information

Kumahira Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information, and believe that it has a social responsibility for the stringent and proper use and management of personal information while complying with the relevant laws. We strive to undertake the proper collection, use, and management of personal information, and to become a company that is trusted by its customers and achieves its social mission.

The Company will collect its customers' personal information (hereafter “Personal Information”) only for the purposes of use notified and informed to the customer and by proper and fair means.

The Company will use the Personal Information within the extent necessary to perform business only for the purposes of use that were notified or informed when it was collected.

The Company shall control the Personal Information properly, and shall not provide or disclose it to third parties except in cases required by law and where the customer's consent is obtained.

The Company shall assign the management representative by the department or section that handles the Personal Information, and shall strive to protect the Personal Information by ensuring that the management representative undertakes proper management.

The Company shall provide internal training and instruction to our directors and employees concerning the proper mangament and protection of the Personal Information, and undertake the proper handling of the Personal Informaiton in our daily business.

Whenever a customer requests the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of the Personal Information, the Company shall confirm his or her identify and respond to the request rationally according to the specified procedures.

The Company shall comply with the laws and standards concerning the Personal Information that are applicable in Japan, and review and improve the initiatives for the above items when appropriate.

Inquiry Form